Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I pledge allegiance to the ignorance of the subtle dysfunctions of America

Image "Wake Up, America", by Jacquelin Bond
As I read the print on my dollar bill that states: "In God We Trust", underlining the fact that every four years we listen to definitive debates and mark ballots, but to what significance? Oh yea, to put our trust in another human being, "who is just like me", and is imperfect, "just like me", in all hopes that he can be the great Eric Clapton and as his 1999 hit stated; "Change the World". Yea, um, not so much. Why? One man can never please an entire country, let alone a single college campus. You know what, I honestly feel bad for our president. People are ruthless and lack total acknowledgement of any type of hospitableness. Like he was the cause of the "Modern Day Great Depression".

Excuse me people; what about that dude who won office by default on some sort of mischievous inaccurate ballot count, you know, the one who flew over New Orleans during a time of disaster, as all of America heard that famous quote from Mr. West (Kanye West): "George W. Bush doesn't like BLACK PEOPLE"

Yes, him. The one being who did absolutely nothing fir the American people but send their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters to fight in an unexplainable war, which led to a terrible amount of death upon our troops, pain amongst our families, and a jobless society. On the contrary, here's a man (Barack Obama) who fights for health care reforms and a withdrawal of our troops from a "Nonsense" kind of war, but gets blamed for every little minor unorthodox situation that goes on in the U.S. of A.. Well, the Philadelphia Phillies lost the world series last year, I guess I will blame the president. Come on people. We as Americans have issues. Nothing is perfect and no one president can change the nature of society, especially when we ourselves are filled with ignorance and hate.

So, maybe we need to read our dollar bills more often and really meditate on the words, "In God We Trust."